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DJ Butters the DJ, a master of the turntables and connoisseur of all things groovy. With a passion for spinning tunes, Jamie has honed his craft in the world of disco and Yacht Rock, transporting listeners on a nostalgic musical journey. Specializing in the classic sounds that transcend generations, DJ Butters has a knack for curating playlists that resonate with anyone over the age of 47. From the smooth melodies of Yacht Rock to the infectious rhythms of disco, his sets evoke memories and emotions, drawing out smiles and tapping toes on the dance floor. His love for music goes beyond simply playing tracks; he's a dedicated aficionado of the genres he adores. His vast knowledge of the golden era of music allows him to seamlessly blend iconic hits with hidden gems, creating a truly immersive and unforgettable experience for his audience. Whether he's bringing the funk to a party or setting the tone for a yacht soiree, DJ Butters the DJ is the go-to maestro for those seeking a musical journey through time. So, get ready to dance, reminisce, and groove the night away as DJ Butters takes you on a soulful adventure filled with tunes that stand the test of time.

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